History of market creation Paris Montparnasse

Before : “le marché aux navets”
In the 20s, a group of artists that go by the name of “la horde de Montparnasse” exhibit its work in open air on the ground. That’s why it was called the “le marché aux navets”: it was huge a success !
At that time, the Montparnasse area was a very reputed art market along with “La Ruche”; the artists Soutine, Modigliani, Chagall, Fernand Léger, Zadkine would work there. The artists would come with their work and try to sell it in the different Montparnasse cafés. The one that sold paid the others a meal.

Now : “le marché de la création Paris Montparnasse”

Since its creation in 1994 under the impulse of the “Marchés Libres de Paris” group, the 14th arrondissement politicians and with the collaboration of André Felten, the Montparnasse art market is a big “open air gallery” where anyone can meet the artist in person (a special relationship is therefore developed between the buyer and the artist).
The specificity of this art market is above all its diverse art (paintings, sculptures, creative work on all types of support…), style (figurative and abstract), quality (pre-selection of artists), out-of-the-workshop prices (credit cards accepted).


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